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Berkyn Manor, Horton - July 2012

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Berkyn Manor was originally owned by John Berkyn. However following his death in 1458 Berkyn Manor has had several owners most notably the English poet John Milton. Earnest Raymer was the last owner who died aged 96 in 1987.​ After having a poke around outside for a while and having a meeting Read more

Gwasg Gee Print Works, Denbigh - July 2012

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Gwasg Gee was a publishing firm founded by a printer, Thomas Gee, in 1808 and taken over by his son, a more famous Thomas Gee, during the 1830s and based in Denbigh, Wales. The name means "Gee Press". In 1914, the business passed out of the hands of the Gee family, and it was in difficulties when Read more

TG Green Pottery, Derbyshire - July 2012

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The original pottery was founded in Church Gresley, South of Derbyshire near Swadlingcote by Henry Wileman in 1790. The small scale business employed around 50 men to produce rough pottery from local clays. Later the pottery was taken over by Thomas Goodwin Green in 1864 who brought fame to the Read more

St Edwards Home for Boys, Coleshill - July 2012

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The Birmingham Diocesan Rescue Society for the Protection of Homeless and Friendless Catholic Children was established in 1902 with Father Hudson as its first Secretary and Administrator. Father Hudson remained in Coleshill from 1898 until 1934. During that time the work of the Rescue Society grew, Read more