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Cardiff City Asylum, Whitchurch - January 2019

I have a previous report on here from August 2017, during that visit we had really been limited in what we saw due to the place being fairly tight, so I'd wanted to come back ever since really. We made a brief flying visit last year on the way back from Cefn Coed but we just had a bit of a mooch around the outside for half an hour or so.

Things are vastly different now, back in 2017 the place still looked pretty fresh with very little decay. Now it's almost the other extreme; it's hard to find a window that hasn't been put through and the same goes for most of the doors, it's also practically empty. That being said, it's still very much worth doing. Places like this are going to be few and far between in the future.

As has been said by many, it seems almost an inevitability that there will be some sort of catastrophic fire at some point that will probably destroy the hall. The outline proposals look good, I just hope they get cracking with it before the place get's too knackered.

It was nice to finally get up the tower and enjoy the view. The best bits were probably those that had long been closed like the Pathology Department and West 5 (despite most of it being a wreck). The Engineering Workshops were cool too, we spent quite a while mooching around there and having a good rummage. It was a shame that the stores were now empty, all of the racking was nice to look at though.