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Burmah Castrol, Stanlow - October 2017

One from over a year ago, for some reason I'd never gotten around to editing my photos from here but I rediscovered them the other week. It was an enjoyable visit and I think we covered most of the place, plenty of stuff to see and not very trashed considering the length of time it seems to have been derelict. I guess that it's location within the enormous Stanlow Oil Refinery helped a lot to deter unwanted visitors.

Information online about this particular facility appears to be quite limited, it'd be interesting to know when it actually shut etc, seems to be quite some years ago considering the age of the equipment inside. Here's a bit of a brief time line of the company though:

1967 The name Burmah-Castrol was introduced for industrial products of the Burmah Oil Co 1987 Acquired Simoniz 1990 Burmah Oil Co was renamed Burmah-Castrol 1991 Acquired Foseco Minsep 1992 Sold off most of the building products group acquired from Foseco except Celmac 1997 Sold its car care division, Simoniz of Newquay, to Holt Lloyd 2000 Burmah-Castrol was acquired by BP Amoco.

A few photos from the office block roof showing the surrounding refinery

A nice big Burmah sign, sadly too big to walk out of the place

Canteen Building

Laboratory/Library Building

Plant Building

Main Office Building (I hope you like photos of wires!)