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Racing Around Pripyat [Part 3]

Once the Jupiter Factory was ticked off the list it was time to speed up again and continue sprinting from building to building around Pripyat.

Middle School No.3

Located on Sportivnaya Street is the third of Pripyat's five secondary schools. This school tends to get a large amount of traffic due to it's vast collection of gas masks. Although the gas masks tend to be the focus of most peoples photographs the rest of the schools is very nice.

Басейн Лазурний | Azure Swimming Pool

Located just next door to Middle School No. 3 is the Azure Swimming Pool, another heavily photographed building. The Azure actually remained in use post accident until 1998, it was kept in operation for the liquidators to use, for this reason it is considered to be one of the cleanest parts of the city.

Hostel No. 19

Another rooftop, this one gave a nice view over the famous amusement park.

Amusement Park

Located behind the Palace of Culture the cities amusement park was due to be opened for the first time on May 1st 1986 as part of the May Day celebrations. Following the disaster that park was opened for a few hours to entertain the residents on the 27th April until the evacuation was announced.

It's now become one of the most iconic parts of sights of Pripyat, featuring in several video games. Being a theme park nerd it was impossible for me to pass up the opportunity to see it, despite it being rather decrepit.

Police and Fire Stations

We had a very brief stop to see these two buildings, largely uninteresting they featured a few nice photo opportunities. The fire station also had a nice tower to climb.

Kindergarten No. 7

One of my favourite parts of the trip, and probably one of the most thought provoking.

And that was the end of a very full day in the Zone, time to head back to the hotel in Chernobyl town, eat dinner and unwind before another long day of adventures.

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