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NT Frost Electroplating, Birmingham - January 2015

A good one to start the year off with, nice meeting Clebby too, always good to put a face to a name.

This place is the result of an amalgamation of 3 or more once separate factories, as a result there is a mishmash of different architectural styles reflecting the different eras that they were constructed during, and also their initial purposes. The buildings of John Ashford and Sons were far grander than the others, which made sense given that they were a jewellers. Paper work from the mid 90's suggested that some areas had been out of use for far longer than others, this was pretty evident given the water damage in these areas.

I neglected to take any externals as usual, however other reports show what great looking buildings they are.

Big thanks to Dweeb and Speed for sharing and for the helpful info. We really enjoyed spending a good few hours around this one.

Lift and staircase in the warehouse part of the building. One of the workshops. Presumably what was some sort of fireplace/kiln. I really love the paintwork in these types of buildings. An old phone and window. Looking towards the stairs from the upstairs office. Keys, presumably some are to the safes located in the building. Hold Orders Procedure | September 1995. An office. One of the large safes. Scales, presumably for weighing precious metals. Another safe, these are from various manufacturers located in Birmingham. Another long workshop. A basin in one of the staircases. The building is of various architectural styles, this being quite a drab and utilitarian area. More workshops. Various control gear. Pipe work insulation. Even more workshops. Chains from a crane. The grand offices of John Ashford and Sons. Wallpaper and dado rail. The tiled entrance hall and staircase was spectacular. Cast iron stair case railings. The modern electrics leave somewhat to be desired compared to the decoration. Looking from the landing. Stained glass windows on the doors to each little booth. Stained glass numbers on the doors. The other side of the booths. Couldn't get enough of taking photos of these.