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Bailey Mill, Delph - March 2013

Bailey mill in Delph was built in 3 stages, starting in 1863 with later additions in 1865 and 1871 respectively. The mill was owned by the Mallalieu family who were in the textile business strating with cotton and later moving onto wool. The firm went into administration in 1996. They came out of administration when they were bought by another Delph weaving company, Gledhills. However, in doing so, most of the business was transferred to Valley Mill, just up the road. Bailey Mill remained in use until about January 2000.

We ventured up here on what was supposed to be a trip taking in a load of mills and some other places, however we ran out of time and ended up just going here and then taking some photos of the landscape around the area.

After seeing a series of recent reports showing some massive bits of machinery we were eagerly anticipating getting inside and seeing them in front of us. However after getting in and having a quick wander around all we found was some parts of machines and a lot of bolts, we thought "ahh, must be in a different part of the building". So off we went scouring the place and after giving up and phoning LE who confirmed we were in the right place to start with, we were left grumpy that we were a mere week too late. Still a good little outing and very much worthy of an hour or so wandering around, quite a bit to see still, lots of evidence of the industry the buildings were once a part of.

We will no doubt head back soon to complete our adventures, loads of places all around here.

The space that only a week before had been crammed full of machinery. Luckily there was still a few bits to see. Some sort of machine. Rollers. Rollers from another angle. Upstairs, the usual green mill paint. Tub full of spools. Gearing. Machine ft. G&Y Insulation Tape. More tubs! Plenty more spools. Baskets. Cleared weapons area. Mind the hole. Colour samples card. Poops.