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Piscine S, Belgium - September 2012

The layout of this beautiful modernist building was based on an innovative concept: to combine different types of leisure infrastructure – in this case a swimming pool and a theatre – under the same roof. The grand staircase with a curtain wall was once the piece de résistance of this sublime architectural jewel. The ambitious plan however turned out to be less than successful; the pool/ theatre had to close, leaving this valuable part of architectural heritage to decay.

Can't seem to find much information on this place, it's a rather interesting place though combining a swimming pool in one building. The majority of the exterior is quite boring being constructed out of brick, however the impressive glass atrium more than makes up for this, the interior of which is covered in mosaics and contains a collection of impressive staircases. My photos really don't show the impressiveness of this place.

Thoroughly enjoyed looking around this place and was part of the final day that really made the trip. Cheers to all of the other guys who came along on the trip, a truly memorable week. Roll on the next euroderp!

Outside the large glazed atrium. Inside the highly decoratively tiled atrium. Up one staircase. Looking out from the first level. A cross section through the stairs. Inside the swimming pool. The changing cubicles. More cubicles. The back of the pool area. Looking from the deep end. A room to the side of the pool. Within the hall upstairs. Looking from the stage.