My name is Tom, I’m based in Stoke-on-Trent.

The purpose of this website is for me to have somewhere to publish my “stuff”, whether it be exploring reports, photography in general or just something else that’s random but in my opinion worthy of putting online.

The bulk of what I put on here is exploring related, it's something that I’ve long held an interest in but only really got into around 2011. Since then I’ve been to hundreds of places, and met countless great people in the process." itemprop="description"/>

Shires Bathrooms, Longton - June 2012

In 2005 the factory shed over 200 jobs with the factory finally closing in 2006 with production being out-sourced to Eastern Europe. Shires Bathrooms was part of the larger Irish based firm Qualceram Shires, which went into administration in 2009 following a drop in the retail and construction market.

Was a good explore, despite it being almost completely stripped now. The maintenance department is pretty cool, lots of stuff remains however before we had chance to take any photos we got busted by the "demolition" contractors, who didn't really look like they were meant to be there either.

I really wish I'd been exploring a few years back whilst there was still plenty to see, as it looks like it used to be a good'un.

Some chairs, this large space was once jam packed with automated machinery. Looking across the now quite desolate building. Someone's collection of apple stickers. One of the side rooms, I liked the tiling and contrasting paintwork. Funnels. Valve. Isolator. Tunnel kilns and the remnants of the demolition. A goods lift. Stairwell with discoloured sky light. Looking down on Chris.